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Our Merino Lamb is grass-fed, free-roaming and sustainably farmed. Most importantly our animals have led a happy and healthy life, free to graze as nature intended – this is reflected in the flavour and tenderness of our product.

Merino Lamb Mince is a game-changer when it comes to mince. Packed full of flavour, super tender and versatile when it comes to cooking. 

Our merino lamb mince does contain fat. This adds depth of flavour and prevents it from drying out too much during the cooking process. If this is not for you we suggest browning the mince off prior to cooking and removing the fat before continuing as you would usually.

Cooking Suggestions;

  • Emmas Ragu (recipe here)
  • Merino Lamb Mince Patties for burgers -add your favourites spices and herbs mix together, flatten into patties and cook on a cast iron pan or the BBQ - press during cooking to help keep them flat
  • Merino lamb Meatballs - add your favourite herbs and spices depending on what flavour you're going for and cook. You can cook on the BBQ or in a hot oven on a tray - once cooked remove from the tray as there will be some fat - you could also cook them on a wire rack.
  • Merino Lamb Sausage rolls or Koftas

The options are endless. You can use this mince anywhere you would usually use beef. Once you try it you won't be able to go back! Don't forget - fat is flavour!

Each pack contains approximately 500 grams of 100% grass-fed merino lamb.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kate Smith
Perfect Present

This is the fourth time I’ve used Middlehurst as a thank you/thinking of you present - so well received yet so easy 11/10!!

Priscilla D.
Tasty and versatile

Moist and delicious mince which made super tasty burgers. I'm eyeing up the second pack for minced lamb filo tarts:)

Old-style quality

This is lovely, tasty mince. It will (surprise!) actually brown in its own fat ,as it should - unlike mince from everywhere else, where you first have to wait while a whole lot of water boils out. Of course better quality meat carries through into the cooked meal ;)

Colin Birch
Merino mince

Great flavour with the right amount of fat. A very versatile product for lots of meal options.

Ideal for Moroccan