About us

This is us. 

We are Sophie and Lucy, who grew up at Middlehurst. We have had the absolute privilege of bringing Middlehurst Delivered to life. We want to bring you a premium product that you can enjoy at home, knowing exactly where it came from. It doesn't stop there, we are on a mission to ensure that we are bringing you an innovative product and packaging that is sustainable. We want you to feel good about supporting a business that takes its environmental responsibilities seriously. This is another reason why we have two different size options to purchase, we only want to process what we need. There is such a great range of cuts on each animal and we believe a little education and inspiration around what can be achieved with them will help change the opinions of what some people might consider 'lesser cuts'. 

One of us loves to get things done whereas the other is a manual thrasher. I'm sure you can guess whos who, but rest assured it works well!

If you have any questions, please get in touch, we would love to chat. 

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