Cooking tips from Richard

Cooking tips from Richard

Your delicious meat has arrived on your doorstep, now the fun really begins! Cooking it. Below you will see some of Richards top tips to get you started;

  • Merino Rack | Perfect with your favourite rub or seasoning on the BBQ.
  • Merino Backstrap |  A milder flavour from a premium cut, best suited to a quick cooking process. Great for panfrying, bbq or as a stirfry. 
  • Merino Butterflied Shoulder | Slow Roast or BBQ, perfect for summer entertaining.
  • Merino Oyster Shoulder | Slow Roast or BBQ, a great cut with loads of flavour, lovely and tender. 
  • Merino Ribeye | BBQ or Pan-fry – best served medium-rare or to your liking.
  • Merino Fillets | Panfry or BBQ.
  • Merino Short Ribs | Cover in your favourite rub or marinade and Slow Roast or BBQ.
  • Merino Top Side - mini roast | Sear to seal in all the flavour and roast for 10-20mins at 180 degrees celsius.
  • Rump | Stir fry, BBQ, or roast, a great cut that is full of flavour and great for fast cooking. Great served with an orzo salad or a Mediterranean style salad - tomato, feta and olive oil.
  • Silverside | Roast 20-30min at 180 degrees celsius.
  • Bone-in Roast | Slow roast with your favourite roast vege salad!
  • Shanks | Slow cook.

Some temperatures for you if your using a thermometer; 

  • Rare,  55 to 59°c 
  • Med rare 60 to 64°c 
  • Med 65 to 70°c
  • Well done 75°c

Always rest the meat after cooking and slice against the grain for serving.... most of all enjoy! 


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