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Teriyaki Lamb Bao Buns

Teriyaki Lamb Bao Buns

This dish is a great way to use up any leftover meat from the Teriyaki Roast that we did on the previous post. They were seriously DELISH!


Teriyaki Lamb (from bone in roast) & leftover stock 

Bao Buns (frozen section of most supermarkets)

Pickled Cucumber 


Kewpie Mayo

Remove any of the fat from the stock, shred the lamb and then pour the stock over the lamb.

Pickle the cucumber by thinly slicing it and putting it in rice vinegar and salt.

Steam you Bao Buns in a steam basket if you have one or per packet instructions.

To assemble drizzle Kewpie Mayo on the bun, then add a good amount of Lamb followed by some cucumber, and coriander to garnish.



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